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About Overload

Overload is one of the first organizations in Bulgaria that powered and progressed the electronic dance scene. Created in 2005 by Birben and Joy (Dobrin Stanev and Dimitar Lafchiiski), and later in 2009, Metalix (Martin Dyakov), Overload has over 80 events and worked with other labels and organizations like Renesanz, HMSU and many others. Throughout the years, the crew has invited many world famous artists and DJs like Sven Wittekind ; Mario Ranieri ; Viper XXL ; Jason Litlle ; Sepromatiq; Tomash Gee; Golpe ; XavoRR ; Gerg Notill ; Aihst ; RovaXX ; Adrian V ; Alex Kvitta ; Acid Flux ; Bazz Dee ; Bentech ; DJ Hammond ; DJ Buchecha ; Instigator & Paj (UK); Fatima Hajji (Spain); HELL X ; Wildpitcher ; DJ Proton ; Withecker ; Norman Andretti ; Suburbass ; Sick System a.k.a. Dany Hardpy & LDM + many morе. Overload is the home to many talented artists from Bulgaria and beyond: Birben, Joy Metalix, Eryc, CTK Freaks, Mokushi, Nobody, Bentech, Dreadkick, Hardinal V, Suburbass, Withecker, Swes, C-Tech, Psychochok, Zeker, Cuntroller, Barouf и Rorschach. Today, the organization keeps moving forward and creates events in Bulgaria, and always looking for new artists across the world.

Overload – Arists + Music Management + Label Records