Plamen Kazakov (a.k.a. Cuntroller) was born in 1984, in Ihtiman (Bulgaria).During early age he pays attention to various electronic styles.First producing attempts Plamen makes at hard techno music in 2009.
In 2010 was published his first released track featured work with Yves Kavella under project’s name Skull Distortion.
At first he become known as Head Fuck Terrorist, but since the beginning of 2013 he changes his artist’s name to Cuntroller.He produces speed core, hard core, industrial, experimental music under different projects – Narghathrumph and НекадърKICK.Cuntroller’s tracks are released for Overload; Sounds Diabolic; Noiiz Records.In 2012 Plamen combines with Junke (Junkerton) a.k.a. theindustrialjunkie to form the project Phylmotriptique for hard core drum and bass / crossbreed music.

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