RORSCHACH (Overload Booking / BG)


(Overload Booking / BG)

(Overload Booking / BG)

(Overload Booking / BG)

Rorschach is playing industrial music as DJ Malkavian since 2009. In 2013 he starts his project DJ Rorschach with The Hardstyle Fanaticz and his first gig was THF’s birthday bash at 9th February 2013.
He plays a different kind of hardstyle, ‘till finds himself in the Raw genre of this music. His influence artists are Adaro, Radical Redemption, Digital Punk, Zatox, Crypsis and many more. DJ Rorschach is a resident DJ in all the THF’s events so far. He takes part in some local gigs as Haunted Speakers, Faceless, The Carvnevil etc., when in 5th of april 2014 was invited in Bucharest as guest DJ at Crack’d.
Rorschach has gigs with some of the biggest names in the Bulgarian’s electronic scene as Moevv, Dreadkick, Mokushi, Nobody, ShanoDJ etc.
The hardcore is his second passion and that’s why he finds the raw hardstyle more attractive. Even that the music he plays is around 150bpm, almost always you can see him finishing his sets around 200bpm.
In September 2014 he started making his own productions, which will be able until the end of the year.
In October 2014 he joins Overload Booking.

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