Deyan Kolev is a Bulgarian producer and DJ, born in Varna in the turbulent 1988. His first encounter with electronic music is in his early age, when he started listening to industrial metal and hardcore bands which forward in time will be the main influence in his production. Soon after, he started creating some music of its one under the project [T.HCe], later changed to In-toxX. in the beginning, his tracks were mainly experimental electronica, noise, speedcore and extratone – rough, fast and harsh. But while exploring the universe of electronic music, his production got more slower, darker and obtained that aggressive heavy industrial sounding inherent in his style. Leaving behind seven years of producing industrial hardcore and darkcore tracks around 160-180 bpm and more than 10 releases for local and foreign labels, he decided to stop the In-toxX project. After 2 years without creating new tracks, he got inspiration and started a new project – The Dark One. This project is a combination of everything that he had made before and something more. The Dark One`s tracks are mixture of dark industrial synths, pounding snares and hardcore beats sequenced in an musical interpretation of his destructive nature.  | |